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Honoring our nation's strong indigenous history and accomplishments!~Boomer Blogger (Thanks Tina.)

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10.26.2022 Indiana is a beautiful place to be in the Fall, and please remember I LOVE you all!~Boomer Blogger 😁

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Did you know that L'Nita Browne at age seven started the first glass recycling program in the U.S.--Right here in Indy?

Honoring the accomplishments of our beautiful and blessed of the world!~Boomer Blogger

Pardon me while I have a "Boomer moment."~Boomer Blogger (Bonita Vaughn) Indianapolis Indiana USA

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Thank you Martha, for this wonderful photo. I'm so happy that someone else other than me remembers this!~Boomer Blogger

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10.23.2022 Coming in the Next Issue !~Boomer Blogger (Little'Nita)

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