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Please join me in 2021 and 2022 as Polaris Art Gallery pays homage to American artist Georgia O'Keeffe with my new exhibit "Flower Power!"~Boomer Blogger

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I'm feeling it! I've added a touch of umber to contrast with the green and a madder for shading techniques. I am considering a medley of the yellow palette for completing this piece of artwork, which with be posted in the next issue.~Boomer Blogger (Bonita Vaughn.)


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October10.2021-Dear readers, I recently found more good references with enough information to help me complete the draft for my book, Georgia O'keeffe America's Greatest Artist, ahead of schedule. I'm so happy and I'll keep you posted!~Boomer Blogger

In the next issue, Polaris Art Gallery continues its homage to America's Greatest Artist, Georgia O'keeffe.~Boomer Blogger

The Purple Polynesian Calla is a popular brand in the isles of the East.~Boomer Blogger

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I hope you like my new feature page for Polaris Art Gallery. My new art exhibit pays homage to this wonderful artist, Georgia O'keeffee. Look for my first painting from "Flower Power" soon!~Boomer Blogger.

I'm so excited about my new book, and I'll keep you posted with updates and excerpts. ~Boomer Blogger